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Fish and game regulations changes for 2016/2017

Hi all.

I have just recieved this email regarding the new designation of backcountry waterways in the Nelson and West Coast regions. It is important that you read and understand this before your trip into the backcounrty to fly fish for trout.

Hello NM guides. I would like to take the opportunity to give you all an early ‘heads up’ on the introduction of two new back county fishery designations within the NM Region, plus also alert you all to two that are also coming into force this season within the West Coast (KARAMEA and MOHIKINUI) as per the email below sent to me by West Coast regional manager Dean Kelly. The two fisheries that have been formally designated and subsequently approved as back country fisheries within the Nelson/Marlborough Region are: THE GOULTER upstream from its confluence with the Wairau, and THE TRAVERS upstream from the Coldwater lake head hut track crossing marker. Additional back country fisheries may be added in future but it was considered prudent to start with a low number initially until we have a feel for the additional resourcing requirements needed for compliance and the like.

Please be aware that to obtain a free endorsement to enable a licence holder to fish within these waterways, they need to be the holder of an Adult whole season, Family, Loyal Senior, or Local Area licence. Holders of day licence, short break, or long break licences will not be eligible to obtain an endorsement, so I would appreciate it if you could reflect this advice to your clients where possible. Failure to obtain an endorsement legally falls into the same offence category as fishing without a licence, so our ranging team will be required to issue offence notices where this is encountered (something we would prefer to not have to do).

To obtain an endorsement: 1) purchase the correct licence category (not day or short/long break); 2) visit the FG NZ website and enter your licence number/date of birth; 3) select the region(s) you wish to visit back country fisheries in; and 4) obtain a re-print of your current licence with the appropriate free back country fishery endorsements and take this with you when fishing the back country fisheries.

The definition of the boundarys are;

Goulter Backcountry Fishery is the Goulter River catchment upstream of the confluence with the Wairau River.
Travers Backcountry Fishery is the Travers River catchment upstream of the marked Coldwater/Lake Head DOC walking track river crossing.

Karamea Backcountry Fishery is the Karamea River catchment upstream of the Kakapo River confluence, including tributaries.
Mokihinui Backcountry Fishery is the Mokihinui River catchment upstream of Rough and Tumble Creek confluence, including tributaries.

By designating these Backcountry Rivers, Nelson-Marlborough Fish & Game will be able to now cost effectively gain up to date user information about licence holders fishing experiences within these fisheries, and to seek feedback from anglers on whether any additional management controls may be necessary within these fisheries.

Please ensure that your correct personal email address is included on the application page. Online surveys are vital to the effective management of our backcountry waters and we require your participation.

So basically this is saying that for the coming season if you have purchased a short break, long break or a day licence – you will not be able to fish these waterways. You will however be able to obtain a backcountry licence for these waterways from the fish and game website by first purchasing a adult full season, Family, Loyal senior or Local area licence. Here is the link to purchase your licence online.

Please respect the new rules and enjoy your fishing.
Anton Donaldson