New Zealand Trout Adventures

NZ Trout Adventures

Join your Nelson fly fishing guide Anton Donaldson for an unforgettable journey. The top of the South Island offers some of the worlds greatest sight fishing opportunities. Anton has been fishing in this area for his entire life and has accumulated nearly 30 years of experiences on the rivers of the region. Capturing large brown and rainbow trout by stalking along the river bank is exhilarating – an experience not to be missed! Come and test your skills against New Zealand’s trout. This is a fishery where missing a cast by an inch can sometimes really be a mile!

The Nelson area abounds in spectacular beauty and is home to a good population of hard fighting brown trout. The rivers are so clear that these fish are almost all sighted before the cast is made. So, you can see the action happening right in front of you. Most of the rivers that I guide on hold trout with an average size of above 4lb. Some extra special places have an average size of over 6lb! On a good number of days, trout of trophy size (10lb+) are encountered.

An unforgettable trout fishing experience in some of the world’s greatest scenery.

I grew up fishing the back-country rivers of the West Coast, Nelson and Golden Bay and have gained intimate knowledge of these areas as well as their fish in my 25 plus years of fly fishing.

I also offer some of the finest saltwater fly fishing in New Zealand. In the South Island saltwater fly fishing has been virtually untapped until recently. I am offering flats style sight fishing on the fly for huge Yellowtail Kingfish and Kahawai. The best way to experience the ultimate sighted fly fishing in New Zealand is to book for 4 – 6 days and fish a mixture of brown trout and flats Kingfish. We can use our intimate knowledge of tides, winds and weather conditions to decide the make-up of your fishing experience. Allowing this amount of time should ensure you will be able to have shots at both species.

I’m a member of the New Zealand Professional Fishing Guides Association and have all the relevant concessions to fish on Department of Conservation land. I have a current first aid certificate and carry all the necessary safety equipment for trips into the back country.

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I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Tight lines – Anton Donaldson

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