New Zealand Trout Adventures

Paul’s big fish day

Paul visited New Zealand in late march and had a ball catching these awesome fish. On his last day he managed a stunning 9.5lb brown and 20 minutes later landed a 10lb salmon on his Sage One 6 weight!

This is the first Salmon I have seen caught in my time as a Nelson fly fishing guide. Salmon are a common occurrence I the rivers of the South Island but are not often caught on a nymph. We saw the shape of a big fish down deep and thinking it was another big trout we presented it a stonefly nymph which it ate. After a big fight and some photos it was released to continue on its route to the spawning grounds.

This was the second time I had been a guide for Paul. He has been a regular visitor to the South island and the Nelson region over the years. The 9.5lb brown is one of the highlights of his fishing career.