New Zealand Trout Adventures

Repeat Sucess

One of the greatest pleasures of being a fishing guide is being able to fish with regular clients. One such client is David. He has visited me for the last few years and we have fished all over the Nelson region. He particularly loves the South Island wilderness rivers.

On his recent 3 day trip in April we were plagued with bad weather and flooded rivers and it was not until the 3rd day that we were able to get out for a fish. We had been watching river levels carefully on the Nelson regional council website to get a handle on which rivers would be low enough to fish on day 3.

A decision was made and we set off early. Upon arriving at the river we quickly found it was fishable but not its usual emerald clear self. We knew it was to be a tough day but were thankful to be out on the water at least. Spotting was tough but fish were located. The first fish we came across was feeding next to the bank on our side. We rigged up the rod and tied on suitable fly. When we returned to the fish it had moved upstream a few meters and was not feeding. In hindsight maybe we were walking a little to heavily on the bank as we walked back to set up the gear.

The next fish was sitting in mid stream nymphing well. David put in several good casts for no reward. I suggested a fly change and went with a large hares ear. David put in a fantastic cast dead ahead of the fish. There was no way the fish was not going to see his fly! Before the fly reached the fish the indicator sank. The fish did not move and inch but once the fly had passed the fish he shook his head at which point I screamed strike. David did not react. He had though that the fish had not eaten the fly as he didn’t move. In actual fact his cast was so good that the fly had hit him in the nose and all he had to do was open his mouth.

Another fish was located in a corner pool. This looked a good fish. The same hares ear was presented to the fish. The cast was well on the inside of the fish but without hesitation the fish raced over and engulfed the fly. Finally David was into a fish. The fish was strong and towed him around the pool. After a long 10 minutes the fish was landed. At 7lb this was Davids largest brown trout. We were both happy with the result and as the weather was packing in again we called it a day.

There is always something nice about a repeat client. There are so many advantages, knowing their casting ability and fitness level helps to plan trips to appropriate places beforehand. Learning about them and their lives outside fishing and getting updates on their lives on the next trip is special. You feel like a little part of their lives and sometimes, as in the case of David, a real friend.