New Zealand Trout Adventures

Saltwater Fly Fishing

We are lucky at the top of the South Island to be able to legitimately target a number of exciting saltwater adversaries on the fly.

During the peak of summer from Christmas until mid Easter we are able to target Yellow Tail Kingfish on the flats in sometimes knee deep water! These are the toughest fighting fish in the ocean and can reach sizes of up to and over 100lbs! We are able to get incredibly close to these beasts and the takes are simply heart-stopping. Even the sight of these huge aggressive fish in such shallow water is enough to haunt your dreams. Join me on my purpose built boat “Ray Rider” for an amazing day chasing saltwater predators.

Throughout the entire season we are able to catch hard fighting Kahawai. On a fly rod these fast fish will have you well into the backing and the aerial displays are truly awesome! These are a sports fish in every sense of the word.

The best way to experience the ultimate New Zealand sighted fly fishing is to book for 4 – 6 days and fish a mixture of Brown Trout and Flats Kingfish. We can use our intimate knowledge of tides, winds and weather conditions to decide the make-up of your fishing experience. Allowing this amount of time should ensure you will be able to have shots at both species.

$1000nz for a full day or $600nz for a half day aboard “Ray Rider”
All rods, reels, flies and tippets are provided
Lunch provided (full day only).

Thanks to Josh Hutchins from Aussie Fly Fisher for the awesome photos and video of NZ Trout Adventures!

Other types of fishing we can accommodate

Night fishing for trophy browns using big black flies and the ultra exciting mouse patterns (there is nothing quite like the feeling of a huge trout smashing a mouse fly at your feet in the darkness!).

Flyfishing for Searun Brown Trout and Kahawai in the lower reaches of our bigger rivers. These fish can be very large and fight hard to the bitter end.

Winter fishing is an option in the region as some of the larger rivers have an open winter season. At times there is nothing better than drifting a nymph through a deep run on a crisp clear morning with the snow covered southern alps standing tall in the background!

Another option that is popular with beginner to intermediate anglers is a trip that encompasses some fly fishing and some spinning (threadling). That way an angler can be confident of capturing fish and learning a few more fly fishing skills at the same time. We often encounter fish that are much harder to target with the fly rod and a well placed “rapala” lure can see the capture of some very big fish.