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Tonic “Rush” sunglasses

As a Nelson fly fishing guide I need good eyewear. My job relies on me seeing fish – plain and simple. I am lucky (or skilled) enough to be able to tell the subtle shape of a fish in the water. Fish are masters of camouflage – especially Nelson brown trout. I am often asked by clients “how do you see that?” or “I cant believe you can see these fish!”. Sure I can assess light conditions and make good river choices for the day that will allow for the best sight fishing but at the end of the day no matter where we are and how good the light is – I still cant see much without polarised glasses.

For the Past two years I have been using the Tonic Rush sunglasses. When I purchased these glasses I went for the photochromatic copper lense. The lense is 1.8mm thick and incredibly strong! I have been through countless prickle bushes in the last two years and have not yet sustained a single scratch. The photochromatic copper lense is designed as a good all-rounder for spotting fish in all light conditions. The photochromatic lense will change with the light so that when it is darker the lense will allow more light in and when it is bluebird the lense will darken. New Zealand’s South Island can experience four seasons in one day so having a lense that will adapt to changing light is a really positive feature.

I have found the Rush glasses a good fit and comfortable to wear throughout the full day on the water. The frames are strong and made from TR90 tensile material. The frames come in a handy matt black colour which stops any extra reflection from alerting wary fish. Tonic makes each lens decentred which is important for viewing true depth and true distance.

Decentring eliminates prism or the feeling that you are losing footing when you are walking through streams and over rocks. Another cool feature with the “Rush” model is the head strap it comes with. There is no way that bad boy is going to part company from the glasses! It is attached by a clip on each side rather than the old fashioned slide on head strap which would occasionally slid off resulting in lost glasses. The case is super sturdy and the cleaning cloth doubles as the protective pouch.

I love these glasses and would recommend them to anybody who takes their sight fishing seriously. To pick up your pair of Tonic glasses check out the range at

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Anton Donaldson