I have fished with Anton on several occasions over the last few years. Anton is a great bloke and a terrific fishing guide for both trout and kingfish. He knows the top of the south island like the back of his hand and is very patient and generous with his advice. My fishing skills have improved immeasurably from my time spent on the water with Anton. I couldn't recommend Anton more highly. I will be back soon.

Dean Gold

Be careful of hiring Anton! He will take you to big fish in the most beautiful places you can imagine and you'll be ruined for fishing anywhere else! We are now hooked and going with him for our third year in a row. Many of our best memories have been directly from Anton's hard work as a top notch guide and all around good mate.

Patrick Zumbro

We had an excellent fly fishing experience with Anton who was very knowledgeable, friendly and patient as we were beginners. Anton ensured even though the weather was poor to make sure we still had the best trip possible and that we would still catch some great trout. We were very lucky with his help to catch 6 fish on our trip including a good sized brown trout. Out of Anton's control the rain washed out our second day, however, he still have us some extra instruction on casting and practice to help us out. We would highly recommend this experience to anyone from beginners upwards as Anton does everything in his power to ensure a great day out, tell you about the places, about the fish and how to fly fish for the greatest chance of landing a trout.

Kirsty A


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