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South Island Fly Fishing

Sight fish for trophy sized trout in the clear rivers of the South Island. The South Island is the most challenging and rewarding fisheries on the planet. This is where you come to test your skills against the smartest trout in the world. The key to success in the South Island is team work. Working together with your guide to come up with a strategy to outwit these big fish is almost a necessity! - you are definitely going to need their fish spotting skills! We offer suggested itineraries for your travel around the South Island or we can also build a trip plan for you including Guides, accommodation, vehicle hire and activities along the way. Contact us today to start planning your dream trip.

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Overview of the South Islands fishing

The South Island of New Zealand is a special place to fish, stunning scenery and wild rivers greet the travelling angler. To find out in detail about what you can expect click read more

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Why Hire A Guide?

The guides that work in the South Island are some of the best in the world. They are your eyes, your advisors, your photographer and are your local tour guide at the same time. We know the right guides to make your trip memorable.

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South Island Travel Information

There are many styles of accommodation in the South Island. Luxury lodges, Boutique B&B and modest motels and cabins. For all you need to know about travelling the South Island Contact Us