tauranga kingfish

Ray Riding Kingfish

For 20 years now New Zealand fly anglers have known that Several predatory fish species follow Short and Long-tailed Stingrays into the shallow water to feed. The most exciting of these fish is the mighty Yellowtail Kingfish. During the warmer months of the New Zealand summer Kingfish come into inshore waters in large numbers. In a few of our North Island harbours and on the flats at the North Western corner of the South Island, Kingfish join large black Stingrays in the shallows to feed together. It is while they cruise through the shallow water together that the Kingfish becomes a very attainable sight fishing prize for the saltwater fly angler. Large baitfish style flies like decievers, crease flies, poppers and clousers are cast. At times the Kingfish can be extremely aggressive and take with ferocity. They fight hard pull a lot of string. 8 to 10 weight rods with a fast action are required. Strong coastal winds exist in certain locations, some of the flies are bulky and most fish are between 32 and 40 inches in length - so a heavy weight rod is recommended. 200 meters of backing on a sealed drag reel will help combat the sometimes long powerful runs of the Kingfish. 

We are able to help prepare you for your Yellowtail Kingfish adventure to New Zealand. We can organize a guide and the accommodation that will get you close to the action. Kingfish are an ideal species to add onto a trout fishing excursion or to target on their own. Contact us today to talk about planning your trip.