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New Zealand Saltwater Fly Fishing

New Zealand is developing a quality reputation as a saltwater fly fishing destination. We have opportunity to fish flats for several species, both wading and from boats. There is also a few other interesting options for a wide range of reef species as well as potential for offshore fishing for at least 3 tuna species and potentially the worlds biggest stripped Marlin. The mighty Yellowtail Kingfish (Seriola lalandi) are the top of the target list for saltfly anglers in New Zealand. These powerhouses are able to be targeted on fly in several flats fishers around the country. To add Saltwater fly fishing into your New Zealand fishing trip, contact us today.

ray riding kingfish

"Ray Riding" Yellowtail Kingfish

NZ is the worlds only destination where Kingfish can be targeted on flats. Often they follow Short Tailed Stingrays into the shallows to do their hunting. Find out more about targeting Kingfish on fly read more

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NZ Saltwater Fly Fishing Destinations

There are several locations where saltwater fly fishing is possible. Find out where these are and which fishing opportunities exist by clicking here

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Planning Your Saltwater Fly Trip

Whether you want to add a day of Saltfly to your trout fishing or you want to focus on your entire trip on the salt - We can help. Contact us to start planning your trip.